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The Sorrento Peninsula has a landscape unique in the world , alternating high and low hills, deep valleys and majestic mountains, where grandiose and ' Man's work , which has arranged the most' impervious into the now famous terraces of descending into the sea, on which he cultivated orange and lemon treesolive trees and vines . They are the gardens of delight in springtime exhale a heady scent of orange blossom . The mild and dry climate throughout most of the year in Sorrentine Peninsula the ideal destination for every season.

Today the aristocratic villas, there are prestigious hotels, campings and farm holidays and Bed and Breakfast , whose comfort and ' a high level and who are part of a more' extensive network of tourist services. In a tidy and safe , each will spend ' a perfect holiday : potra ' choose between quiet and nature , health and culture , sea baths , spa treatments in the waters Scrajo , boating , nature walks , tours of archaeological sites of necropolis Aequa and Deserto and visits to museums ( Mineralogical Museum , Museo Correale Museum Shop of Wood Inlay , Museum of Villa Fondi ) , the historic centers with their monasteries and cloisters, like that of San Francesco in Sorrento , and the ancient hamlets with frescoed churches, like the Chapel of Saint Lucia di Vico Equense , but also sport and musical and cinema events of international resonance , theater , nightclubs and bars .Here and ' party all year long, with thousands of local cultural traditions of a packed calendar of events such as the Carnival, the famous Easter processions that cross all Peninsula , to the numerous summer and autumn festivals of typical products of the Sorrentine Tarantella , an ancient dance, and the rich Christmas events . Top-level restaurants invite you to discover the local cuisine , famous all over the world, which blends the flavors of the sea with those of the earth .

And then handicraft , the expression of which more ' note and ' the wood inlay , but it also boasts a shipbuilding production of boats contended in all markets. Finally the many liqueurs distilled from local produce : lemons, mandarins , oranges and walnuts.

And remember that from the Sorrento Peninsula and ' as easy as possible for countless excursions : Pompei and Paestum , Naples and Mount VesuviusCapri and Ischia , Positano , Amalfi and Ravello, as well as ' any other destination, thanks to an extensive network of aerial, road, rail and sea .

So do not escape the Sirens' song : Come await you!

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