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Saltovar's Art

Silvio Salvatore Gargiulo, called Saltovar (Sorrento, 1868-1944), versatile artist, poet, wood inlayers, business man, but most of all passionate lover of his hometown. He left properties, art works, that Sorrento people, and everyone who come from all over the world attracted by the amenities of the Sorrento coast, can admire still today.
The people of Sorrento still remember of him for his writes, prose and poems, that were able to well describe the evolutions of the transition from one century to another.
In the Museum Correale Terranova, on the ground floor, dedicated to the museum founders, it is possible to admire, in the Room 2, the precious inlaid wood collection that Saltovar left in the year 1937. 

Correale's Museum

The Museo Correale, among the few recognized foundations existing in Italy and fully included in  the circuit of international exhibitions, develops along four villa’s floor. Its twenty-four rooms have a modern graphic requirement set up. The arts exhibits main focus, is made up of nature Death collections of Neapolitan school, Flemish paintings set and a significant amount of Posillipo school landscapes. Remarkable is the Decorative arts section giving charm to this museum since ever and shaping a dynamic and varied path.

Walking through the halls of Correale you have the privilege of enjoying a rare combination of art and nature: from the splendid panorama that you can see from the windows of the Villa, overlooking the picturesque scenery of the Gulf of Sorrento, you pass to the Museum park: walking along a avenue, among shady plane trees and secular trees, we reach the suggestive Terrazza Belvedere, located overlooking the sea.

For more information, please visit the site : www.museocorreale.it

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